Interruption and Gap period


The PhD student may request a temporary interruption of his/her curriculum, for example for medical reasons, to the Head of Institution through the FEDORA department and any services of the Establishment concerned, which will decide on the admissibility of the request.


Gap period

In accordance with the decree on doctoral training of 25 May 2016, an unbreakable gap of a maximum of one year is possible according to the modalities provided by the Doctoral School. It is subject to the prior agreement of the Institution, after referral to the FEDORA Department and transmission  of the gap year application form, and possibly the employing structure and will not be taken into account in the duration of the doctorate. This interruption of the thesis work is based on a thoughtful and justified proposal in such a way that it does not harm the recognition of scientific work. Care should be taken to ensure that no pressure has been exerted to use this gap year for concealed work. The Institution guarantees to the Doctoral Student who suspends his/her schooling his/her re-enrolment in the doctoral training at the end of the gap period.