PhD in VAE (Validation by Acquired Experience)

Registration, realization and defense procedure

According to Law No. 2002-73 of 17 January 2002, known as the Social Modernization Act, translated as "any person who has been engaged in professional life for at least three years may apply for and obtain all or part of a diploma by having his professional and personal experience validated by the validation of acquired experience".

The doctoral degree certifies the recognition of the original nature of a research approach in a scientific or technological field, the mastery of a research subject as well as the ability to build a scientific research strategy, to implement it and to exploit its results.

The procedure of "validation of acquired experience" - VAE of INSA Lyon consists of four stages.

  1. Reception, information and orientation.
  2. Administrative and pedagogical admissibility.
  3. Writing of a doctoral thesis by VAE.
  4. Defense before a VAE jury and delivery of the doctorate.


Document to download (in French):