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Supervisor and advisor seminar


Supervising and advising Ph.D. students is both a scientific and human adventure! It requires supervisors to constantly adjust to changes in the challenges and maturity of young researchers during their career.

This new seminar aims at analyzing and better understanding the specificities of the mechanisms at work in the development of the relationship between supervisors, advisors and doctoral students.

In a small group (max 12 people), favoring the diversity of experiences, participants will explore their practice through the regular contribution of action and monitoring models, as well as frame of reference, enriched by concrete examples brought from the participants. Everyone will also be able to choose their own thread of experimentation with regard to their needs.



Built with a group of volunteer supervisors and advisors, this program takes place in four major stages (4h each):

  1. Thesis production as a system
  2. Human and organizational factors determining the success of a thesis
  3. The challenges of co-production of the thesis between supervisors and doctoral students
  4. Evolution of the supervisory posture (during a thesis and during the career)

An intersessional workshop on the theme "Understanding intercultural issues in the supervision of theses" is also part of the program.