As of September 1, 2022, the doctorate diploma management is transferred back to INSA Lyon.

The candidate will obtain the diploma of:

PhD from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon, member of the University of Lyon

The defense procedure is modified as well as the defense documents. Only these new documents posted online are to be used for any defense from September 1, 2022.


Procedure for the Defense of a doctoral thesis

Attention: due to the closure of the institute during the summer period, the month of August is not to be taken into account in the 9 weeks of procedure.


Please read and download the INSA defense formalities document  where all the information necessary to set up your defense file is detailed.

The following official documents can be checked for more information: Doctoral training order, Order amending the  doctoral training order, Order for the reproduction of theses


Diploma supplement for the recognition of international mobility during the thesis

The Diploma Supplement for the recognition of international mobility during the thesis makes it possible to value a research stay in a higher education and/or research institution abroad.

This recognition is concretized by the issuance by INSA Lyon of a certificate. The doctoral student must complete the application form for a diploma supplement and send it at the time of submission of the defense file to the FEDORA department, 9 weeks before the provisional date of defense.

The cotutelle being recognized by the double graduation cannot be the subject of this recognition.


Defense in the context of a cotutelle

The defense procedure is identical to a traditional defense, but the doctoral student must also contact the partner institution to find out if any steps need to be taken on their side. Regarding the composition of the committee, it is necessary to respect the classic rules by checking in the cotutelle agreement if special rules have been defined upstream.

In addition, when the doctoral student sends his/her defense form to the FEDORA department at the beginning of the defense, he will be asked to fill out the document "Thesis defense in the context of a cotutelle" in order to verify that (s)he has fulfilled the conditions of duration of stay in each institution.


After the defense

Your doctoral degree must be collected from the Student Service ( or 04-72-43-79-77) on the 1st floor of the Camille Claudel building, in exchange for the original certificate of achievement.

Please contact this service before going there to ensure that your diploma is available.

Book a room for your defense

The FEDORA Department does not manage the booking of rooms for defenses. To know the availability of amphitheaters, you have several solutions:

  1. Monday to Friday except Thursday afternoon from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. --> contact the various departmental secretariats.
  2. outside the course period, i.e. Thursday afternoon or after 6 p.m. --> contact the INSA reception service on the ground floor of the Direction building.
  3. There is still the possibility to request the booking of the amphitheater at the Marie-Curie library --> connect to their website