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The Chinese doctoral student host program CSC UT/INSA offers the possibility of obtaining, through this program, a doctoral student funded 100% over 3.5 years (without environment cost) to carry out a Ph.D. at INSA Lyon.
Please note that:

  • The contribution to the operating costs of this program for the recruitment phase is 1000 euros per selected doctoral student (at the expense of the host laboratory / thesis director). An invoice will be sent by the UTT after the final selection phase, this invoice is to be paid by the laboratories on INSA funding (INSA contract, endowment if advance request). It is not possible to pay this invoice via INSAVALOR or other.

The campaign is launched in March of year N for a start of the thesis in September N+1.

You will find the details of the program as well as the calendar on the website: