The Department

Co-accreditated Doctoral Schools

Validated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, in conjunction with research teams, doctoral schools train future doctors. They offer them an environment and high-level training for 3 years, until obtaining the thesis.

INSA Lyon is co-accredited for 8 Doctoral Schools (ED) in life sciences, exact sciences and human and social sciences. It is responsible for two of them: MEGA and Materials.


Life Sciences

ED 205  Interdisciplinary Science and Health (EDISS)
Disciplines, thematics:

  • Integrated physiology and extreme conditions
  • Structural and functional biochemistry
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Nutritional metabolisms and endocrine regulation
  • Health systems analysis methods
  • Osteoarticular, biomechanical and biomaterials biology
  • Cardiovascular pathophysiology and pharmacology
  • Sport and performance
  • Physiology, bioavailability, cutaneous pharmacology.

ED 341 Evolution, Ecosystem, Microbiology, Modeling (E2M2)
Disciplines, thematics:

  • Focused on evolution, the interaction of populations, in ancient or modern ecosystems
  • Integrating interaction:
    • at various spatial or temporal scales
    • of different types including parasitism and symbiotism
    • of all organizational levels of life (from viruses to plants, insects, invertebrates and vertebrates)
    • with the environment taken as a whole (climate, solid earth and waters).
  • Including an approach to biological and paleobiological systems using statistics, bioinformatics and biomathematics
  • Conceptually close to systems biology or integrative biology


Exact Sciences

ED 34 Materials
Disciplines, thematics:

  • Materials development and characterization
  • Determination of their physical, mechanical, chemical and biological properties
  • Modeling of the relationships between composition, microstructure and properties
  • Effort in the field of nanosciences, nanomaterials and applications for health.

ED 160 Electronics, Electrotechnics, automatics (EEA)
Disciplines, thematics: Electronics, Electrotechnics, Automatics and Signal Processing through three specialties:

  • Energy and Systems
  • Information technologies - Health
  • Micro and nano technologies

.ED 162 Mecanics, Energetics, Civil Engineering and acoustics (MEGA)
Disciplines, thematics:

  • Mechanics
  • Energetics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Acoustics

ED 206 Chemistry, Porcess, Environment
Disciplines, thematics:

  • Chemistry
  • Environment
  • Process

ED 512 InfoMaths (Computer Sciences and Mathematics)
Disciplines, thematics:

  • Computer Sciences:
    • Complex systems
    • Parallel arithmetic computing of computers
    • Augmented modeling and reality
    • Images and videos
    • Mediated collaborative interaction
  • Mathematics
    • Logic
    • Number theory
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Analysis
    • Probability
    • Statistics
    • Mathematical physics
    • Modeling and scientific computing.


Human and Social Sciences

ED 483 History, Geography, Planning, Urbanism, Archeology, Political Sciences, Sociology, Anthropology (ScSo)
Disciplines, thematics:

  • History
  • Archaeology
  • History of art
  • Sociology
  • Ethnology
  • Anthropology
  • Geography
  • Planning, Urban planning
  • Architecture
  • Political science
  • Demography