Counselling and mediation

INSA, through the FEDORA department, aims at providing Ph.D. students with the most enriching professional and training experience. Thus, the FEDORA department is committed to providing the most effective support possible. Reciprocally, doctoral students commit to communicate to the department without delay any changes in their curriculum.

Also, the department listens to doctoral students experiencing difficulties during their thesis work. In particular, in the event of a dispute during the cursus, the department may be seized according to the procedure of the Charter of Theses (Article 6), translated below:

« In the event of a dispute regarding the progress of the thesis, mediation within the research unit is first sought.

In the event of a persistent conflict between the doctoral student and the supervising team (or possibly the director of the research unit), the director of the doctoral school to which he or she belongs must be informed, regardless of the progress of the thesis. The director of the doctoral school may then call on a mediator or set up a mediation committee which, without relieving anyone of its responsibilities, listens to the parties, proposes one or more solutions and has it accepted by all with the objective the completion of the Ph.D.. The mission of the mediator requires his or her impartiality. He/she must be chosen among the members of the management of the laboratory or doctoral school.

In the event of failure of this mediation procedure, the doctoral student, the director of the research unit or doctoral school may ask the head of the institution where the student is registered to appoint, by his/her research committee, a mediator or a mediation commission external to the doctoral school. If, at the end of this procedure, it appears that the preparation of the thesis cannot continue in the planned configuration or must be interrupted, each of the parties involved must be informed.

If he/she wishes, the doctoral student may be assisted, at all stages, by a doctoral representative elected to the council of his/her doctoral school or to one of the bodies of the institution of registration.

In the event of interruption of the thesis, as in the case of voluntary abandonment, the doctoral student may ask the director of the research unit for a certificate. This research attestation will specify the nature and duration of the work carried out, as well as the context of the research. »