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Cursus "Skills for Company"

Recognized by the National Register of Professional Skills (RNCP), the Ph.D. is a recognized professional experience. This obviously applies to the academic world, but also - and actually mostly - to companies; 2/3 of INSA Doctors continue their career in the private sector. In order to recognize these skills (scientific and technical as well as human and relational), the CDEFI  (Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools) created the "Compétences Pour l'Entreprise" label in 2011 in order to provide doctoral students with a certain number of skills expected by companies and defined within a reference system established by the CDEFI,  and to be able to value them during the implementation of their professional project and improve the professional integration of PhDs in the private sector. In 2022, in a global approach, ECL, ENTPE, INSA and the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, associated with the EEA, InfoMaths, Materials, MEGA and SIS Doctoral Schools, proposed such a course to the CDEFI and obtained the associated label. Thus, the Establishments are authorized to issue to PhD students who have followed this course to issue a certificate 'Skills for Company' recognized at the national level and appealing to companies, awarded by a committee composed of 50% representatives of the industrial sector and 50% of representatives of the academic community.


Requirements for certification

The cursus is divided into two modules:

  • "Theoretical" training (70 hours): These courses can be taken from the catalog of transversal training of the UdL. Even as part of the CPE course, these courses are also recognized in the hourly volume of doctoral training.
  • Experience "with or in" company (30 hours minimum): This module can be done through the networks and industrial projects of the supervising team, expert missions, or through targeted events in connection with the companies in the UdL catalog (Doctoriales, Innovation Academy ...) or local actors (SATT: EXPL'AURABootcam ...)



The application has to be done during D1 or D2. The selection is made by a commission composed of representatives of the Institutions and Doctorate Schools. The application is composed of:

  • Description of professional project
    • motivation letter
    • resume
  • Commitement letter from Ph.D. supervisor

In case of high demand, an arbitration criterion based on the difference of the subject and the context of the thesis and the curriculum from the industrial world will be considered.


Implementation and follow-up

The follow-up of the course is done on an annual basis, in particular via the CST for the follow-up of the training. A possible (re)evaluation of the objectives and the professional project can be made on request to the Establishments and EDs. NB: The training and experience followed as part of the doctorate prior to registration for the course may be recognized.

The CPE cursus also goes beyond the thesis, through a network of alumni (facilitation of missions in companies, coaching, etc.) and satisfaction and placement surveys.

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